Robotic Assisted Heart Surgery

  • Dr.Ravi Kumar
  • Jan 06, 2018
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Robotic Assisted Heart Surgery

To strengthen the Medical Tourism in Tamilnadu, latest world class Robotic assisted surgeries are being done in Tamilnadu. guides it readers on Robotic Surgeries.

Traditionally open heart surgery is performed by splitting the sternum with a 22 cm long incision. It has been observed that larger the incision leads to extensive tissue handling which in turn can be very detrimental in the postoperative care.

Minimally invasive, small incisions, endoscopy has promised a lot but the results have been ambiguous in heart surgery. Robotically-Assisted surgery using was developed to overcome the limitation of minimally invasive surgery or to enhance the capabilities of the surgeon’s performance. In Oct 1999 world First Robotic beating Heart Coronary Bypass surgery was done. In 2002 Chitwood and his collogues performed First Mitral Valve Repair. A major advance in cardiac surgery was the advent of Da Vinci robotic systems. Robotically assisted technology has changed the way of heart surgeries. This technology helps Cardiac sur-geon to perform surgeries with smaller incisions and Micro precision. The magnification of image is 15 times and in real-time with enhanced 3D vision.

What are the benefits of robotically assisted heart surgery:

Compared to traditional Surgery, the benefits of Robotically-assisted surgery are numerous:

  1. Small incision with minimal scar-ring ( 4 to 5 cm as opposed to 22 cm in traditional heart surgery)
  2. Short hospital stay (3 to 5 days)
  3. Less tissue damage
  4. Low risk of bleeding or blood  trans-fusion
  5. Low risk of infection
  6. Short recovery and quick return to professional activates
  7. Less pain
  8. No specific activity restriction after robotically assisted surgery

What are the advantages for Surgical Colleagues:

  1. Microprecision
  2. 3D enhanced imaging
  3. Magnification in real time X 15 times

Tremor Control: Virtually no tremors in the robotically assisted cardiac surgery.

Small incision

Cardiac procedure can be performed by Da Vinci Robotic system:
  1. Mitral valve Repair & Replacement
  2. Aortic valve repair & replacement
  3. Double valve replacement
  4. Tricuspid valve repair
  5. Coronary Artery Bypass Surgery
  6. Atria Septal defect
  7. Removal of Cardiac tumors
  8. Ablation treatment of Atrial fibrilla-tion
  9. Thymecotomy
  10. Lung Lesion
An idea is a preamble for change and change is evolution. Robotically-Assisted heart surgery was a mere idea early 2000 and today it is an evolution.
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