• Dr.Kumaresan
  • Jun 12, 2018
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All of us would love to look perfect and beautiful.  What is that people see and judge if we are beautiful or perfect or not? Definitely, it\'s our skin that everybody gets to see. Skin is the majorly visible part of our body and all of us need to take intense care of our skin. Don\'t we have to know some trivia about our skin? Let us go about it.
When it comes to skin care, all that we hear are myths most of the time. we never realise what the fact is but we just tend to believe myths and go ahead following them. Today, we\'ll talk about A crazy myths take takes you one step back from giving your skin good care.
As we all know, Sun is the best source of Vitamin D but should we lie under the sun to gain it? Is the Vitamin D which we get from lying under the sun suffice? Would that be suffice? If you think your answer is a yes then it is high time you need to learn about it from us. We dermatologists have some great advice for you.
Vitamin D is as essential as we assume it to be. Human skin gain large amount of vitamin D when the skin is exposed to the sun high in the sky. We also need to  make sure if we are exposing our skin in the right amount. Today, we bring to you the fact that the sun is definitely the best source of vitamin D but also the most dangerous one as well. 
The sun, the best source of vitamin D can bring to you a night mare of a skin cancer when you expose your skin to it abundantly. Your skin is something you want to take care of in the best way possible and you would never gift yourself a skin cancer just by believing on this myth.
There are various food sources through which we can get the ideal amount of vitamin D we require. Consult our clinic to know the best food which is a source of vitamin D. It\'s high time to make sure your skin is protected and the best way to find that out is to consult us as well. Your skin definitely needs to protection which is going to keep it healthier.