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If your hospital houses the latest of technologies and specialized medical practitioners, it is high time you took a stride towards medical tourism! Medical Tourism is churning out billions of dollars across the globe. Attract medical tourists from Sri Lanka with the help of Virakesari, the leading and largest circulated Tamil daily in Sri Lanka. The age-old newspaper of Sri Lanka, Virakesari, is ready to extend a helping hand for your promotional activities on Medical Tourism in Sri Lanka by publishing your valued brand's advertisements/expert medical interviews.

People all over the world are in search of affordable and specialized medical treatments. Sri Lanka is no exception. Patients in Sri Lanka struggle to get precise diagnosis of certain medical problems or to undergo complicated surgeries. As a result, most of them choose Tamil Nadu as their preferred medical destination due to it's top-notch medical centers, affordable costs, and expert doctors.

Sri Lankans have an added advantage of reaching Tamil Nadu in just an hour's time with flights starting from just 12,000INR!

Tamil Nadu has become the optimum center of Medical Tourism owing to many a reasons in the recent years - best medical practitioners, affordable treatments, super-specialty medical facilities, and above all, being a motherland of love and compassion!

Step into Medical Tourism and elevate your healthcare brand to the next level !  For More Information +91 7200006983