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Don't confuse ovarian failure for menopause
medcialonline-Don't confuse ovarian failure for menopause
"To lower your risk, or improve your well-being if you are a POF sufferer, Pick recommends applying the basic commonsense rules for a healthy lifestyle."
Air pollution could increase autism risk
medcialonline-Air pollution could increase autism risk
"Air pollution exposure was determined based on the past residences of the children and their mothers, local traffic-related sources and regional air quality measures"
High-fat diets in puberty linked to breast cancer
medcialonline-High-fat diets in puberty linked to breast cancer
"New research warns that eating a diet high in saturated animal fats during puberty may increase a woman's chance of developing breast cancer."
Beware of Eyes
medcialonline-Beware of Eyes
"The Islets of Langerhans are endocrine cells of the pancreas, which means they release insulin to regulate blood sugar levels. "
Music training in childhood boosts the brain in adulthood
medcialonline-Music training in childhood boosts the brain in adulthood
"even a little musical training in early childhood has a lasting, positive effect on how the brain processes sound."
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