Dr.Asha Rao MD, DGO, FICOG​

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Hospital Name: Rao Hospital Department: Gynaecology & Infertility

A national leader in virtually all spheres of women healthcare and with a legacy of excellence that continues to grow year after year , we have been at the heart of pioneering breakthroughs that have improved lives by providing Comprehensive Women Healthcare. We have carved a niche in womens healthcare with many generations of satisfied patient families and outstanding infrastructure.

Rao Hospital was started in 1953 by Dr. Major Sudhakar Rao, son of Dr.Raghavendra Rao, the chief surgeon of former Travancore, in a small building at R.S. Puram. Dr. Major Sudhakar Rao, served in Burma for the Indian Medical Service during the war. Thanks to his bold and pioneering move to begin practice in a fledging town like Coimbatore, today we have evolved to a 100 bedded comprehensive women hospital and Centre for Assisted Reproduction and Endoscopy (CARE).

Advanced Care & Safety

Our Core Staff’s work exemplifies our determination to offer the best health care possible by improving the safety and quality standards. Our commitment coupled with the collaborative efforts of staff towards quality improvement, has made us a popular choice among organizations that rate health care quality.

Patient Family Centered Care

Rao Hospital aims to provide the best possible care experience for our patients and their families. We understand that this involves much more than providing the highest quality medical care and outcomes. As such we welcome feedbacks from our patients regarding their total care experience at our hospital such as the attentiveness of the nursing staff or cleanliness and hygiene of the rooms. These feedbacks are used to continuously improve every aspect of care we provide.

Patient Safety

Certain safety procedures such as hand-washing can have a drastic effect on patient outcomes. For the same reason, the entire clinical staff at Rao Hospital physicians, researchers, nurses and other clinicians are committed to provide the best for the patients, keeping them free from any harm. This is achieved by establishing strict safety practices, sticking to them and further improvising them by seeking innovative ways.

Patient Praise

We understand that in order to measure patient satisfaction in an unbiased manner scientific surveys are required yet it is also important to provide an opportunity to our patients to express their feelings. 

Infection Prevention

Certain medical conditions in patients increase their chances of contracting healthcare-associated infections. Often the best medical care using the best devices, procedures and treatments can save lives but also increase the risk of infection. Fortunately, certain best practices when used ensure prevention of some of these infections.

Medication Safety

We are committed to honor the five rights of safe medication administration right patient, right drug, right time, right dose, and right route (e.g., pill, IV). We are also leaders in the adoption and development of medication administration and new prescribing technologies which combined with safe medication commitment leads to significant decrease in medication errors.

Nursing Safety

Apart from administering safety initiatives at the hospital level, our nursing staff also leads many major safety initiatives Pressure Ulcer Prevalence, Restraint Use and Patient Falls. We are equipped with a highly skilled, experienced and self motivated team of nursing staff who are committed to the ongoing advancement of nursing practices in these areas.