Dr.Bharath Kumar

Hours of Operation: 10.00 am to 07.00 pm

Dr.Bharath Kumar MBBS

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Hospital Name: Easvara Hospital Department: Orthopedic

AWARDS: Arthroscopy, Joint replacement surgery, Shoulder surgery.

I worked in the department of Orthopaedic Surgery and Traumatology at Madurai Medical College, Govt.Rajaji Hospital (750 beds) for a total of 4 years, spending 3 years as a post graduate trainee and 1 year as a preregistration  house officer.  This establishment is a busy teaching hospital with extensive facilities for postgraduate training.

As a postgraduate trainee I was responsible for the medical management of orthopaedic patients.  I had supervised training in the closed treatment of fractures and I was involved in the acute resuscitation of polytrauma cases.

I regularly attended orthopaedic and fracture clinics and actively participated in the daily preoperative planning sessions and various teaching programmes which included weekly case conferences, X – ray meetings and monthly interdepartmental seminars.  Under supervision I performed a variety of elective and emergency operations including aspirations and open drainage of septic arthritis, open biopsy of bone tumors, sequestrectomy and saucerisation in osteomyelities and costotransversectomy in tuberculosis of the spine.

I had a broad exposure to the operative management of trauma patients, performing hemiarthroplasty and internal fixations of hip fractures, ankle fractures, tension band wiring of the patella and olecranon, wound debridement and external fixation of compound fractures of the tibia using both the Hoffman and A.O. systems.

As a Senior Registrar in the Institute of Orthopaedic Research and Accident Surgery, Madurai, I extended my operative repertoire, independently performing internal fixation of all major long bone fractures using modern plating and nailing techniques. I extended my practical skills in operative surgery for paediatric orthopaedic disorders, performing soft tissssue release operations in club foot deformities and in the field of arthroplasty by performing Total Hip, Total Knee and Total Elbow Replacements. I have gained vast experience in the field of limb reconstruction and deformity correction using both Ilizarov and Orthofix systems. I have used the pedicular screw fixation system in spine trauma and attended to many pelvic and acetabular injuries using modern instrumentation.

In the Schulthess Klinik, Switzerland, I have been exposed on a variety of cold orthopaedic problems in each speciality on an individual basis with the specialist consultants in it. The key specialities which I was involved was the Foot and ankle surgery, Shoulder surgery, Arthroplasty  and spine surgery. I have worked on 4 scientific papers in the foot and ankle surgery. They were the Serial followup of the 140 cases of ankle arthroplasty ( this paper was presented in the International foot and ankle conference in New Orleans, USA in April 2004 with my name as the co author), Release of the nerve to abductor digiti quiniti to relieve heel pain, Arthroscopic assisted ankle arthroplasty and High Tibial osteotomy for the unicompartmental OA knee.

I passed my DNB from the Hardikar Institute of Orthopaedics, Pune in the year 2005. Over the past 4 years we have operated more than 300 Joint replacement Surgeries. All versions of Hip replacement including Uncemented, Cemented, Metal on metal, Ceramic on Ceramic etc have all been performed in good numbers. High Flex Knee Replacement Surgery has been performed in more than 100 patients.

I finished my arthroscopic surgery training at the Arthroscopic Learning Center, New Delhi from 2005 – 2009. This was cadaveric workshops with training in shoulder and knee. Since then we have operated on more than 100 Anterior Cruciate Ligament Reconstructions.